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Things to do as a woman while waiting for that dream job

By: James Cummings

Women already have a tough enough time getting their dream jobs, especially in male dominated professions. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to accomplish your dreams. At the end of the day, no one but you can truly stand in your way of accomplishing your dreams. If you have a career goal, you can attain it. But it’s more difficult to accomplish that if you aren’t going about it the right way.

In this age and time, graduating with a good college degree isn’t enough. If you want to stand out from the horde of job seekers looking to be employed by top organisations, you need to distinguish yourself. Below are some of the things you can do to effectively build yourself and distinguish your résumé while searching for and waiting for that dream job.

  1. Gain more knowledge.

No matter your desired professional field, there’s always something more useful that you can learn. After all, no knowledge is wasted. Instead of simply sending out résumés and sitting at home waiting for a response with your fingers crossed, go out and gain more knowledge. No matter your chosen professional career field, there are professional courses you can take to improve what you already know about the career field you are interested in. These professional courses are much more useful if they are offered by an accredited institution that can issue you a recognisable certificate. With certification in a field that’s related to your chosen profession, your chances of applying and getting your desired job are improved. Plus, it looks good on your résumé. Internationally recognised certifications can be found here.

   2. Practice your chosen profession.

Theoretical knowledge gained through education is good, but practical knowledge can be better. If you are decided on what professional field you would like to build your career, you can apply for an internship in a firm that specialises in that field. This will let you see for yourself how things are done and accumulate experience on the real world application of the theoretical knowledge you already have. In most cases, actual practice is usually significantly different from theory. Asides from the work experience which also boosts your résumé, another advantage of experiencing the real world of your chosen profession is seeing successful people in the field, who can inspire you to strive harder to accomplish your dreams. Witnessing operations first hand can also help you better decide what aspect of the profession you would like to specialise in. For example, an intern at a law firm after witnessing all that’s possible will be able to better decide if she’d prefer specialising in criminal or civil law.

Internships are an effective way to accomplish this. But any job opportunity, be it low paying or no paying can also be effective. As long as an internship or other job opportunity is related to your chosen profession and gives you a chance to witness things first hand, it will work perfectly. Any and all experience gained from doing this will put you way ahead of any other job applicant who spends the job seeking portion of their life idly.

   3. Start a blog.

This shouldn’t surprise you. As earlier said, you need to distinguish yourself from other job seekers and one relatively easy way to accomplish this is with an online presence. The blog will have to be relevant to your chosen profession and will have to provide insightful information. It is a great way to market yourself, what you know, and what you are capable of. Especially now when employers also look through prospective employees’ online activity. A prospective employer who comes across your blog will immediately be able to see how much potential you can bring to their organisation by perusing your blog’s content. But for this to be effective, your blog has to be well crafted, and the content has to be intelligent. The domain name for such a blog is something else you have to take seriously. According to Openhost, “…an ideal domain name can be an effective way to generate curiosity about your blog or website, as well as promote it…”

The blog can chronicle your professional experiences and things you believe can make the practice of your chosen profession better. The better your blog’s content, the better the impression you will make.

   4. Networking

No woman is an island. Thus, you have to meet people and make professional connections. Seminars are great places to meet people who are actively a part of your chosen career field. Platforms such as LinkedIn are also great for making such professional connections. By doing this, you can possibly end up making the acquaintance of your next employer and get a chance to impress them in person. Platforms like LinkedIn can also be used to promote your blog to the right people who will get to see your potential.

In summary, don’t be idle. Rather than passively wait for your dream job to find you, stand out from the crowd and actively show prospective employers why you are probably the best woman for the job.