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5 Tips for Women to Stay Healthy as Busy Professionals

By: James Cummings

To work hard and be successful, career professionals must concentrate on developing their physical and mental well-being.

According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), working women are more likely to experience health related issues such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, anxiety, stress disorders and so on. Besides, personal reasons, it could be associated with social, economic and cultural factors.

The technology era and desk jobs have impacted the young working population, thus exposing them to heart-related ailments. Coupled with that, heavy work pressure and extensive working hours leave no time for consistent exercise. This automatically slows down the supply of oxygenated blood to major organs.

A slight adjustment in routine can yield significant benefit. Proper food intake and monitoring your weight can result in a healthier lifestyle. It is therefore important that we adopt positive changes to counter the effect of certain factors that lead to undesirable results.

The following tips will guide you through a better, more uplifting regimen:

Mental peace and health

Working professionals should concentrate first on their mental health. If the mind is not stable, it will be impossible to achieve a state of physical well-being. A mind that is stressed is neither focused nor balanced. It is therefore important to relax your mind. De-stressing the mind requires practice and discipline.

1.     Know your triggers

Many of us are not aware of the causes of our anxiety or stress. Sometimes, we are so busy about completing that project that we don’t even realised that we are stressed. Identify your stress triggers and prevent them from affecting your health.

2.     Join a Zumba dance or yoga class

You need to keep oxygenated blood flowing to your body’s vital organs. Take up a physical exercise class. A yoga or Zumba dance class is great; besides engaging your muscles, they encourage a healthy heart-rate. These sessions require mental discipline that will relax the mind. Zumba is effective, but if you prefer something more zen, then yoga is ideal. Some people prefer to go for a run instead.

Calming techniques to help you sleep

When you are stressed, it can be hard to sleep, and even when you do, the sleep is usually fraught with anxious dreams which are simply a manifestation of the subconscious. Start by meditating or practicing mindfulness. Even watching the news can cause stress, so opt for a book instead.

Are you searching for a job? Even the hunt can contribute to stress sometimes. Remember, you can only be a good fit if you are healthy. Take some time to decongest all the pressure from your mind. A hot shower to ease and relax your mind before bed is always a good idea. But you know what is better? Soaking yourself in a scented tub. Aromatherapy is a proven way to lull yourself into a good, healthy sleep.

3.   Eat the right kind of food

What you take in is important to your health. If you are eating more junk than home-cooked meal, then you are at risk. Ditch the fries and burger for fruit salad instead. Avoid processed food. Nuts such as walnuts, almond and raisins are great for nourishing the nerves.

Yogis and those who practice Ayurveda advise eating healthy seeds such as sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, flax and hemp seeds. They are rich in Vitamin E that neutralises free radicals that would otherwise damage fatty-structures in the brain cells and cell membranes.

Dr. Cecilia L. Luong of Tiger Smile Family Dentistry says sesame seeds are not only nutritious, but great for the teeth. “They are rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals that strengthen teeth and bones. Their rigid texture also cleanses the surface of the teeth as you chew,” she says.  

4.     Detoxify with natural juices

Avoid processed drinks like sodas and juice with preservatives. Rather, try your own smoothie recipe with a variety of fruits. A mocktail juice of ginger, apple, beetroot, carrot and mint will detox your body and calm your mind.

There are several recipes available online. The best part is that it is easy. Simply buy several fresh fruits and use a good blender. Every day, blend yourself a juicy smoothie after breakfast. For more on smoothies, refer to this article.

5.     Hydrate yourself

Don’t underestimate the value of water. Research has revealed that drinking fresh, cold water can raise your metabolism by 30% - 40% in half an hour. Water helps the body maintain a good PH balance that gives great skin tone, hair texture and nails. Water also makes the body absorb nutrients and fats better. Chug a good quantity each day.

Only a healthy mind and body can achieve great things in and outside the office. As you navigate your way up the career ladder, don’t ignore your general well-being.

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