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Work Hard; and Play Hard: Finding the Perfect Balance between Work and Personal Health

By: James Cummings

Working hard to give yourself and your loved ones the good life you all dreamed about is good and noble. But finding the right spot to draw the line for relaxation is often a challenge for most people. Yet, it is very essential for your overall health and wellbeing, as life is a lot more than being swamped with work and then more work all of the time.

Besides, you also need to take care of your physical and mental health, as well as your personal relationships and have a clear mind to make the right decisions and judgments.

Finding the perfect balance between work and relaxation will also help you accomplish your goals faster and more effectively. You will feel more relaxed, recharged and motivated to undertake any job or tasks waiting for you.

Here are ways you can relax even when you have a hectic schedule.

  1. Set the tone right early on  

If your target is striking a fine balance between work and relaxation, then you should also target getting it right from the get go. Make sure you have a good sleep in the night, get up early, have a full and healthy breakfast, a shower and some minutes or an hour of exercise. Setting the right tone early on will help you maintain that fine streak throughout the day and make it a routine in your work life.

  1. Find a ‘me’ time

No matter how crowded your schedule may appear, never skip on a free time to relax and enjoy. Use your break to enjoy whatever you love most, like reading a book, going to the spa or just watching your favorite television show. If it’s an accumulated break that stretches into several days, consider travelling to a dream location. Spending quality ‘me-time’ is important for your overall wellbeing.

  1. Treat yourself to a home spa experience

And you thought getting a refreshing spa experience is only possible in a spa parlor? Plus when you really think about it, before you finally reach your favorite spa spot, you’ll need to hop into your car, maybe get into some traffic, and then actually get going.

Since we’re talking about getting some relaxation time, consider getting your spa experience without all those hassles, and perhaps calmer and more uplifting with a home treat and then give it a go at least once a week.  

Here’s a good home spa idea:

  • Set the mood and create a soothing atmosphere with some lighted candles and soulful music.
  • Apply a mini facial on yourself.
  • Give yourself more pampering with a hand massage, followed by a foot massage.
  • Steam up a bath to the right temperature and sink yourself in it.
  • If all of these look like too much work and time-consuming, simply go with a face mist.
  1. Eat healthy

No matter how busy you are, never try to suppress your hunger. You don’t always have to get fussy trying to keep up with a diet plan suggested by some food expert. What is important is to eat healthy and in moderation; and also slowly to help with better digestion.

  1. Find a safe and convenient form of relaxation

Stress is a part of living; and while you may not completely avoid it, you can at least lessen it. A good way to do so is to find a safe and convenient way to relax, such as sleeping and taking a nap.

Other creative and calming ways to unwind include dancing, stretching, yoga or even undertaking some breathing exercises.

Just go ahead with whatever floats your boat, is safe and that you genuinely enjoy. Choose something that puts your mind at rest, keeps it recharged and helps you gain more mental clarity; and then make sure to have a go for 15 minutes for least 3 times a week.

But don’t forget to find a fine balance so as to attain the best physical and mental health. Too much work without a time-out to unwind can cause you stress. On the other hand, overstretching your relaxation time can cause you to become lazy.

  1. Go for a date

This could be a romantic night out and dinner with your partner or simply a get together for a picnic, a party or leisure trip with friends, family members or colleagues. You will not just enjoy fun and satisfaction, dates and socializing opportunities such as these will also help you develop better relationships and find a great balance between work and play.

  1. Exercise

Exercising has been proven to help reduce stress and keep an individual in the right physical and mental condition. But exercising doesn’t have to be strenuous or require you going to the gym; just sustaining an active lifestyle could be all you need to do. Even a simple stroll around the neighbourhood and taking in the fresh air of a cool late afternoon could be a good way to balance work and play.

In the modern day, having a thriving career today is nearly synonymous with being insanely busy all of the time. But just like Jack, all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl.

Besides, not taking out some time to unplug and recharge can harm your health and wellbeing, as well diminish your creativity and productivity in the long run. So, yes, work hard, but play hard too.