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7 Most Common Interview Questions

You’ve spent hours and hours over the course of several weeks sending out the best resume, complete with a personalized cover letter for each job, and you mostly hear nothing. Crickets ... Read More

Using Niche Job Boards Net Bigger Benefits Opposed to Larger Job Boards

Niche job boards certainly serve up a variety of benefits. Hiring managers can target the best candidates, and job seekers can find the best fit for their professional goals. ... Read More

Women in Tech Championing the Cause for IT Women

It’s not news anymore there are relatively few women in IT, and when you find them they do not always command the same level of respect as their male counterparts. Some of the evidence lies in the disparity between the salaries ... Read More

Strategies Aimed at Advancing More Women into The Tech Industry

Across the technology industry, it is no news that there is an imbalance in the number of men and women, especially in the initial stages of their career. According to research, women occupy about 57% of occupations in the workplace, but when it comes to computing professions, ... Read More

Irrelevant Excuses You’re Making for Not Having an Online Portfolio Yet

About everyone these days has a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profile, and for the career-minded, LinkedIn. We understand the role our digital prints could play in the advancement of our careers; that's why we carefully edit profiles and information on LinkedIn and try to clean up our Facebook profiles. ... Read More

To Quit or to Stay: The Dilemma of Working Mothers

One of the most difficult decisions a career woman might have to make is whether or not to quit her job to be a stay-at-home mom. Many never imagined they would be faced with this dilemma as they thought they would never quit their careers, especially when there are daycares and nannies available. Soon after having their first child ... Read More

Proven Ways to Succeed in Your IT Career as a Woman

It is well documented that the female IT community is much smaller than the male community. Current estimates suggest that only 15% of people in high tech companies are women. Across 84 companies pooled in this public document, the number of women in software architecture or writing is just 19%. Apart from the fact that the number of women in the field is low, a high number of them leave the IT field having worked in it for a long period of time. Women in high tech fields are more likely ... Read More

Top Most In-Demand Jobs for Women 2017

In which careers are women currently earning top salaries? In which careers do women outnumber men? A 2014 statistics by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2014 identified health jobs, law, and management roles as top of the list of a varied range of careers in which women earn high salaries.  The figures also showed that women made up just over half of the workforce in high-earning management, professional and related roles ... Read More

Things to do as a woman while waiting for that dream job

Women already have a tough enough time getting their dream jobs, especially in male dominated professions. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to accomplish your dreams. At the end of the day, no one but you can truly stand in your way of accomplishing your dreams. If you have a career goal, you can attain it. But it’s more difficult to accomplish that if you aren’t going about it the right way. ... Read More

5 Tips for Women to Stay Healthy as Busy Professionals

To work hard and be successful, career professionals must concentrate on developing their physical and mental well-being. According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), working women ... Read More

Thinking of a career in travel nursing? 5 steps to figure out if it’s right for you

If you’re interested in adventure, dream of hitting the open space and seeing the world, then you’d be happy to know too that experienced nurses who are willing to travel are always in high demands. Travel nurses enjoy better ... Read More

Work Hard; and Play Hard: Finding the Perfect Balance between Work and Personal Health

Working hard to give yourself and your loved ones the good life you all dreamed about is good and noble. But finding the right spot to draw the line for relaxation is often a challenge for most people. Yet, it is very essential for your overall health and wellbeing, as life is a lot more than being swamped with work and then more work all of the time. ... Read More

7 Effective Stress-Busting Techniques for Salespeople

Your alarm clock goes off for the nth time this morning. Snooze button abused. You’re late for work — so you miss breakfast and grab a coffee on the way – which, of course, you spill on your suit. Arrive at the office ... Read More

Why Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword over the last few years. But just what does being mindful mean and how does ... Read More

Study: Whopping 93% Say They're More Productive Working Remotely

Are you more productive out of the office? If so, you're on trend ... Read More