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Career Advancement Tool: Note your Achievements

As you network and cultivate relationships with peers, supervisors, mentors and employer prospects on your path to career growth, it's important to tactfully highlight your achievements.

Keep an on-going record of your key accomplishments each year. Review your progress and add new achievements when applicable. Be specific about what you have done, how you did it, and the end result. This is very useful during your annual performance review. It is also helpful when it comes time to update your resume or interview for a new job. You will have an easy reference for articulating your achievements and providing specific examples.

Beyond your annual review, evaluate your accomplishments with your supervisor periodically. Ask for guidance, advice and set new goals.

Recognize others who had a hand in accomplishments and successes. Remember, it usually takes a team or group to achieve workplace goals so share the credit accordingly. Likewise, compliment co-workers on their accomplishments and celebrate their successes. To be a leader means supporting your team.

Additional resources to enhance your job search can be found at CareerWomen.com, DiversitySearch.com, MBACareers.com and/or CareerExposure.com.

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