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Create Your Year-End Career Strategy Checklist

CareerWomen.com Offers Tips on How to Make 2014 Your Best Career Year Ever

As the year draws to an end, www.CareerWomen.com advises that now is the time to plan for the New Year & new career goals. In addition to creating holiday shopping lists, take the time to create your own career strategy checklist for the New Year.

JillXan Donnelly, President of CareerWomen.com advises, "Take some time during November and December to conduct a reality check of your professional life. This means evaluating your career path, updating your resume to reflect recent accomplishments, and creating goals for next year. Many companies do a lot of hiring and promoting in the first quarter of the year. If you take the time now to ready yourself for new opportunities, you can breeze through the holidays and be confident in your ability to meet new career prospects."

CareerWomen.com's top five career strategy checklist items include:

  1. Prepare for the year ahead by reflecting on this year's accomplishments. Did you accomplish or exceed your professional goals in this past year? Take stock now and close any gaps before the end of the year. In addition, make a list of all of your accomplishments and be sure to write down why you were successful. A surefire way to make a great impression on your boss is to make an appointment now to talk about your goals for the new year. Being proactive will set you apart from your colleagues.
  2. Update your resume to show off the best of you. After creating your most current accomplishments list, take it one more step and update your resume. You may want to update your resume style to better reflect your aspired position. Ask the question, "Does this resume style convey who I want to be?"
  3. Determine goals for the upcoming year and think outside the box. If you are accomplishing your goals without breaking a sweat, now may be a good time to decide if you should stay in your current job or look for opportunities elsewhere. Remember, it is always best to look for opportunities within your organization first before venturing outside.
  4. Take stock in your worth by evaluating your salary and perks. While salary is important, most people like jobs that reward them in other ways such as value to the organization or flexible work environments. Research your salary range to find out if you are being compensated appropriately for your skill level and accomplishments. Look online for tools such as The PayScale Report that will quickly give you the information that you need to prepare for your next salary review.
  5. Get new skills while everyone else is thinking about the holiday party. During the end of the year when the business is typically slower, look for new avenues to add to your portfolio of skills. Attend evening workshops, monitor online seminars or find a few business books on a topic of interest. If you are thinking about pursuing an advanced degree such as an MBA, start studying for the GMAT.


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