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Despite What They Say, It is All About You (and Your Job)! How to Evolve, Change and Adapt

CareerWomen.com offers five tips for job change readiness:

  1. Review, update and re-write your resume every year. Having a current resume on hand allows you to quickly respond to opportunities as they present themselves. Consider creating several resumes for a variety of career directions. More resume tips can be found here!
  2. Look inside as well as outside. Consider an internal job change. Leaving your current employer may not be the best decision, especially during high unemployment phases. A recent QuickPoll respondent suggests, "Be flexible, look for opportunity and constantly broaden your horizons."
  3. Consider challenge and service as criteria. When evaluating new career opportunities, women report being inspired by challenge and service in addition to compensation. Investigate how a new position will allow you to better serve customers, your community or the corporation. What else inspires women? Read on.
  4. Find mentors-one from Mars, one from Venus. Advice from the right mentor helps you locate and manage opportunities. CareerWomen.com viewers report that a male mentor coaches negotiation skills and offers networking and advancement opportunities. A female mentor offers informal fellowship, guidance within the corporation, motivation and encouragement. Learn more about the importance of mentors here.
  5. Plan for a smooth transition. Make your transition to a new position seamless for your current employer. Finish projects, offer to train your replacement, be available for questions after your departure, and thank your current employer for the experience. Leaving on a positive note will only enhance your future career options.

Remember, while changing careers can be fun, it's not to be taken lightly. Choose wisely to ensure your professional & personal well-being.

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