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Equal Pay Day Signals Time to Enhance Future Earning Potential

CareerWomen.com Offers Tips on How to Get the Salary You Deserve

Salary negotiations either during the job interview process or an annual performance review is critical to closing the gender wage gap. "Being prepared is the best line of defense to avoid salary misalignment," commented JillXan Donnelly. "Equal Pay Day is a great reminder to all women that now is the time to research, organize and negotiate for what you deserve."

To this end, CareerWomen.com offers the following tips to women who want to get the salary they deserve.

  1. Learn the art of negotiation: Use mentors to help refine your negotiation skills. Given that you will be negotiating with both men and women, pick a mentor from Mars and Venus to get perspective from both sides of the communication spectrum. Practice makes perfect, so rehearse your pitch to nail your request.
  2. Research salaries in your profession: Know your salary requirements and have the data to back up your knowledge. There are resources available online and in print that break down the salary range in numerous professions by experience, education level, and geographic location. Have a copy of salary ranges at hand just in case you need them.
  3. Have a strategy for success: Good negotiators always know how to meet the needs of the other side. Be prepared to talk about how your contributions help make your boss and your company successful and make you a vital part of the organization.

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