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Expert Tips for your Job Search

Employers & Recruiters at The Career Exposure Network™ share their tips on the job search, getting your resume noticed and landing the job.

Seek our job opportunities before they are posted.

How? Research companies you are interested in working for and reach out to see if any openings are available or upcoming. Find out what trade shows the company is attending and where company personnel will be speaking. Consider attending and networking with company personnel. Another way to informally meet personnel -- volunteer at events the company also volunteers at &/or sponsors.

Make sure to Spell-check your Resume!

Recruiters tell us that the first resumes to get rejected have errors in spelling and grammar. Check your spelling and have someone else check it over. Next, be qualified for the position. Resumes that have been submitted for positions that the candidate is completely unqualified for will, most likely, be rejected.

Tailor your resume and cover letter for each position you are applying for.

Make sure you indicate how your skills are a match for a specific position and how you meet that particular company's requirements.

So you got the interview, be sure to follow up.

Be sure to say "Thank You" and reiterate your interest in the company and the job.

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