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Four Tips to Gain Time in the Sun This Summer

Strategies for Negotiating Summer Schedules that Work:

Enjoying summer while meeting work obligations does not have to be a tug of war according to CareerWomen.com, the leading career site for working women. While not all employers are able to offer shorter summer hours, obtaining a flexible schedule is possible if you approach the request by using these four simple rules.

  1. Be prepared - when asking for a flexible summer schedule, be clear on exactly what you want. Have requested dates and hours written down along with your plan to meet work obligations.
  2. Be flexible - if your first choice of dates is not possible given vacation schedules or project deadlines, be willing to switch.
  3. Be willing to negotiate - a strong negotiation strategy always begins with understanding the needs of both sides. Make sure you know what your employer needs and what you are willing to give either with reduced pay, checking email during your out of office days or accessibility by cell phone if needed.
  4. Be proactive - If you get a summer schedule, check in with both your boss and your team on a regular basis to make sure that everyone's needs are being met. At the end of the summer, proactively follow up with your boss to detail what worked and what didn't with suggestions for improving the process in the future

JillXan Donnelly, President of CareerWomen.com advises, "Today's technology makes it very easy for employees to stay connected and in-touch when out of the office. Checking in - either by email or phone - and then turning off for the rest of the day can give you the time you need and your boss the reassurance that you are committed."

Advice from Corporate Recruiters

Advice from Corporate Recruiters

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