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How to Stand Out In a Job Interview Tips on Getting the Job You Want

With the busy hiring season just ahead, now is the time to think about preparing for the interview that can land you the job you want in the New Year. To get that coveted offer, the interview must be considered one of the most important steps in the hiring process to create a relationship with a potential employer. With the right preparation, qualified candidates can take the driver's seat and position themselves as the top pick for the position.

JillXan Donnelly, President of CareerWomen.com advises, "Practice, practice, practice. Many questions, such as those inquiring about your experience and qualifications, should be expected. By creating the right storyline to anticipated questions, your delivery will sound natural and confident. Remember, if you are qualified, the interview is where you can win or lose the game."

To get the job you want, The Career Exposure's top five tips to impress interviewers are:

  1. Be the qualified candidate: Know why you are qualified for the position by matching your experience to the specific requirements of the job ahead of the interview. By offering examples that match your qualifications to the exact position, the interview will be a breeze for you.
  2. Prepare by doing your homework: Do your homework on the company as well as the position. Get up to date on the company's current business issues so you can address any questions about direction and opportunity. Develop a list of questions prior to the interview to demonstrate your interest and curiosity about the company.
  3. Speak with confidence: This is not the time to be shy and timid. Be confident about your professional accomplishments and talk about your results. Talk about yourself through your previous employer's words to give your claims needed validation. If you have some work samples you are proud of that are related to the position, why not show them off?
  4. Act like a professional: This may seem like common sense, but you'll be surprised how many people forget this completely. Common courtesies will take you a long way towards setting the right professional impression. For example, dress appropriately for the position, be sure to turn off the cell phone and most importantly, be on time!
  5. Be a good communicator: Listen and be appropriately enthusiastic. Listen to the questions before you answer. If you interrupt, it could send a warning flag that you are not interested. Lean forward, listen carefully and be sure to make direct eye contact.

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Practice, Practice, Practice

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