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Front-end Web Developer

November 13, 2017


(Anywhere in the UK)

Mutual is looking for a full-time Craft CMS Front End Developer to join our agency.

This can be a remote position anywhere in the UK, or you can work from our office in Hastings, East Sussex.

About You

You're competent and experienced with Craft, Twig, and HTML/CSS/JS. If you're not experienced with Craft, you know the basics and can quickly adapt. You produce good quality code at a fast pace so that we can iterate quickly.

You're wanting diversity in your work. One week you'll be working with a large corporation, the next you'll be helping a start-up.

You've got a keen eye for design. You can match and integrate designs closely, and run with them. 

You're a manager of one. You can work in a team, and can take direction, but on a day-to-day basis you get your stuff done on time without needing somebody actively managing you.

You consider yourself a generalist. Where others focus on becoming the next top Laravel developer, you prefer to try lots of different things, Craft just so happens to be what you're really good at right now.

You're wanting more freedom in how you work. You'd like to work from home or an office of your choice, but are happy to occasionally spend a day or two in sunny Hastings to work on more hands-on stuff and to catch up.

You're happy to maintain and grow existing websites as well as build new things.

About Us

We're a small distributed team, with a main office in Hastings UK.

We provide each member of the team with an annual development budget to buy new equipment, go on courses, visit conferences, etc. We also provide other perks such as days out and time to develop side-projects.

2017 saw the team visit Portland and Seattle, and we're planning team trips for 2018 right now.

Our client base is diverse and we have a number of exciting projects lined up for 2018.

We're in such high demand as an agency we haven't had a chance to finish our website. You can help change that!

Job Perks: - Professional development budget - Visit conferences and courses - Time to work on side projects - Team days out and mini-breaks - Casual work culture - Flexible hours - Work remotely


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