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Web Application Developer

In House Chesapeake, VA ~ March 05, 2018


(In House Chesapeake, VA)

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent field of study. Experience in Software Development with a focus on Web Application/Website Development in an enterprise-level environment. Advanced knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and modern libraries like Angular, VueJS, or React, and tooling like gulp, Webpack, rollup, etc. Minimum 4 years’ experience in enterprise-level Web Application Development.


  • Must have experience in Web Application Development and solid knowledge of JavaScript (ES6/2015+), HTML and CSS/SCSS. Turning feature requests into reality, researching and resolving issues, and working to improve the quality of the application and overall team competency. Familiarity with AngularJS, Git/GitHub, NPM or Yarn; Agile workflow; continuous integration tools; automated testing using Mocha, Karma, TestNG, etc.

  • Maven, Gradle, JS/CSS Transpilers; Experience supporting IE10+, Firefox, and Chrome. Experience with alternative libraries like React, VueJS(see all 55 examples)

  • AngularJS, Lodash, jQuery, with light Java, Spring Framework Spring, JDBC, Apache Tomcat, Eclipse    Windows, VMWare, Linux, macOS(see all 55 examples)(see all 55 examples)

Design and implement websites and web applications.  Evaluate code to ensure it is properly structured, meets industry standards, and is compatible with browsers, devices, and processes currently in production.  Optimize website performance, scalability, and server-side code and processes.  May develop website infrastructure and integrate websites with other computer applicationsIdentifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. Ability to understand the root causes of an issue, research the cause and solutions, and understand solutions and their impact on the software/project







Systems Adobe Dreamweaver; CoffeeCup The HTML Editor; Microsoft FrontPag








Job Perks: Great Benefits, 401K, Free soda and snacks, Company Picnics, Monthly Pot lucks, Company gym in house!


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