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Senior Manager, Interactive Design

King of Prussia, PA ~ June 14, 2018


(King of Prussia, PA)

Lilly Pulitzer is seeking a Senior Manager of Interactive Design who will lead our user experience and interactive design teams in delivering superior customer experiences across our digital retail platforms.  The Senior Manager of Interactive Design will be responsible for coaching and mentoring their team members in their professional development, contributing to, and critiquing experience designs, and staying abreast of emerging UI technologies to inform continuing experience innovations. The Senior Manager of Interactive Design is also responsible for contributing to the digital roadmap ensuring a swimlane dedicated to training and experimentation in using new technologies to drive innovative, digitally-driven retail experiences for our customers.


·         Work in partnership with business owners to deliver on-brand, consistent, and innovative customer experiences across digital platforms

·         Develop and advocate for a culture of ‘customer-first’ experience design across digital channels

·         Clearly articulate experience design objectives to team members and business owners to build consensus around digital experience concepts taking into account both qualitative and quantitative data

·         Demonstrate and coach team members to expect quality and excellence in delivery across our digital platforms

·         Provide consistent, hands-on direction to team members

·         Work in close collaboration with the Marketing Department to understand brand standards, overall brand creative direction, and positioning for clear and consistent translation across digital channels

·         Work in close collaboration with developers to ensure design feasibility

·         Work in partnership with business owners and team members to identify and execute process improvements

·         Work in partnership business owners and team members in an agile, fast-paced environment, understanding business goals and objectives to properly prioritize tasks and balance team workload

·         Identify team knowledge and resource needs to support high levels of quality and innovation

·         Maintain and extend interactive design knowledge base and skill set

·         Lead digital experience design concepting, working closely with Business Owners to understand and deliver to market considerations.









·         Digital, interactive design portfolio with a focus on mobile experience design (optimized, responsive, adaptive, native app, or all of the above

·         Demonstrable expertise in interactive and digital design

·         Demonstrable expertise of how a visual, branded interface appropriately translates across digital channels and devices

·         Demonstrable expertise in digital design usability principles, issues, and user research techniques

·         Experience in an ecommerce environment either in-house or in-agency

·         Ability to create and provide constructive feedback on detailed wireframes and interactive design creative concepts

·         High level of dependability and accountability

·         Ability to work within teams in a highly collaborative, fast-paced environment

·         Excellent written and oral communication skills

·         Able to take ownership of tasks and drive them through to completion

·         Excitement about the industry and the future of digital experiences

·         Legitimate desire to be part of the solution, not part of the problem

·         Excellent leadership skills: keeps a level head, solves problems, motivates the team.

·         Excellent conceptual and problem-solving skills

·         Strong time management skills and accountability

·         Excitement about the industry and the future of digital experiences

·         Legitimate desire to be part of the solution, not part of the problem

·         Strong knowledge of web production and visual asset creation for multiple channels and devices

·         Strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript capabilities and limitations

·         Demonstration of successful leadership experience working in a team-based setting





  • This position is classified as full-time salaried; it is exempt and is not eligible for overtime.  This position is eligible for standard company fringe benefits.
  • Given the seasonality of the business, this position may require flexible, additional working hours during peak periods.
  • This position is reviewed annually.





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