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Morgue Technician

Buffalo, New York ~ April 08, 2019

The Gross Anatomy Lab seeks a successful candidate for the position of morgue technician performs duties that begin at the point the body is delivered to the university. The primary responsibilities will revolve around support of the Human Anatomy courses offered by the University as well as support of the research programs that make use of the anatomical gifts made to the University including setting up and cleaning up the morgue area.
Prepares bodies, specimens of human organs, and morgue room to assist Anatomy Faculty in classroom instructions. Places body in compartment tray of refrigerator or on autopsy table, using portable hoist and stretcher. Lays out surgical instruments and laboratory supplies for Instruction. Washes and sterilizes all instruments after use. Washes table, storage trays, and instruments, sharpens knives, and replaces soiled linens. Prepares preserving solutions according to formulas. Records identifying and cadaver/specimen tracking information for morgue file. Ensures that all bodies are properly stored in their assigned locations. Ensures associated records are accurate. Manages and organizes morgue records on each deceased person being examined.
May close post mortem incisions, using surgical needle and cord.
Cleans up morgue area following class sessions.
Takes Blood samples from bodies and prepares for further analysis.

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