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Buffalo, New York ~ February 04, 2019

Job duties include performing a variety of routine manual work under supervision such as the following:
• Wash floors, corridors, stairs and stairwells, walls, partitions, windows from the inside or outside of buildings using mops, brushes, detergents, buffers, floor scrubbers and other cleaning implements
• Collects, transports and disposes of medical waste or spoiled linens in accordance with cleaning procedures
• Cleans blood spills and bodily fluids, including urine, vomit and feces
• Strips and waxes floors: vacuums and shampoos carpets; and dusts assigned areas using manual or mechanical equipment
• Cleans and scrubs all areas of lavatories and locker rooms, such as sinks, urinals, toilets, showers, shower walls and drain, tile floors, and locker room common areas
• Replaces light bulbs, dusts or washes light fixtures and high places such as ceilings using ladders and scaffolds
• Cleans and polishes furniture, metal fixtures and equipment
• Removes hazardous articles on floors, furniture and equipment and places them in designated receptacles or in appropriate places
• Move furniture and equipment in connection with cleaning activities or sets up meetings or special events
• Changes curtains and drapes and hangs pictures and other decorative objects
Empties trash, recyclables and waste in accordance with cleaning schedule
• Assembles cleaning cart to conform to assigned cleaning duties and mixes and properly dilutes cleaning solutions in accordance with manufacturer directions
• Wears appropriate protective clothing and other specialized protective equipment as required by the cleaning assignments
• Checks supplies and equipment functioning and notifies supervisor of low supply levels, equipment malfunction and building maintenance issues noted during cleaning
This position is for 3rd shift with the hours of 11:30 p.m. - 8:00 a.m., days may vary.

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