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Curator of Exhibitions

Buffalo, New York ~ March 07, 2019

["• Conceptualize, research, develop, organize, and implement UB Art Galleries’ exhibition program and schedule that reflects the mission of UB Art Galleries.\r\n• Work closely with the Director to plan future exhibitions for UB Anderson Gallery and when appropriate co-ordinate shows that will occupy both galleries.\r\n• Working closely with staff, particularly the Director and Registrar, to submit a timeline and detailed budgets for each exhibition with specific deadlines. \r\n• Ensure goals and strategies for exhibitions and related programs are consistent with the mission and overall strategic planning for UB Art Galleries.\r\n• Develop evaluation processes and tools for exhibitions that will engage staff, faculty, students and visitors in the process to evaluate the exhibition planning and implementation process.\r\n• Work within the gallery’s collection and exhibition policies and the university’s building maintenance, security and safety policies as they are related to exhibition management.\r\n• Assist the Director and Registrar with presentations to the acquisitions committee of artworks to consider for the university’s collection.\r\n• Develop strategies to expand and diversify audience attendance and participation, including campus audience, general public, educational communities, etc. Also develop strategies to engage faculty to integrate the exhibitions within their curriculum development and as well as encourage students to integrate our programming into their research projects.", "• Develop programs, projects, lectures, performances, and other events related to the exhibition program that expand audiences and increase the visibility of UB Art Galleries. \r\n• Develop opportunities to travel exhibitions with the Director, work with registrar on the production and management. Further develop the UB Art Galleries identity (with its two locations) to other contemporary arts institutions locally and within the region.\r\n• Work closely with the Program and Engagement Coordinator and the university’s communications and marketing offices to communicate, promote and publicize UB Art Galleries’ exhibitions and programs including press releases, announcement card design and mailing, website and social media updates, monthly newsletter and general marketing. \r\n• Work regularly with the Program and Engagement Coordinator and staff to develop strategic education programs and community partnerships to extend UB Art Galleries, its programs and academic resources beyond the university and into the city’s and region’s educational institutions and community organizations. \r\n• Partner with the UB Office of Advancement and Sponsored Projects to develop strategies for identifying and applying for funding support outside the university for exhibitions, publications, symposia, a residency program, etc. through grants, sponsorship and gifts.\r\n• Develop professional and collegial relationships with artists, arts organizations, and galleries at the local, national, and international levels. Develop and maintain a strong network of contacts both nationally and internationally with artists, curators, dealers, collectors, etc.", "• Plan, organize and implement catalog publications when appropriate and sufficiently funded, and engage faculty, students, writers and/or consultants to contribute texts.\r\n• Develop and prepare appropriate interpretive material for exhibitions (text panels, audio, etc.) and encourage contributions from faculty, students, writers, artists, scholars and/or consultants. \r\n• Write press release content for all exhibitions with assistance from staff, guest curators, etc. As determined by the budget and exhibition plans, write brochure text and/or facilitate the design of exhibition brochures, as determined with the Director. Most exhibition catalogues will have commissioned essays, but it is expected that the curator will contribute an essay to the publication. The size and quantity of the brochures and catalogues are determined in part by the budget and the success of elevating outside support.", "• Serve as contact person for and manager of all internships at UB Art Galleries, including recruitment, hiring, and making assignments, supervision through weekly journal reports, staff interviews and filing grades.\r\n• Supervise and mentor the UB Art Department Graduate Assistant who is responsible for assisting in the planning and implementation of exhibitions at the second floor CFA Art Gallery. Supervision includes meeting regularly with the GA and Head Preparator and also meeting with the appropriate classes to provide assistance with students’ planning their installations and understanding the processes.\r\n• Work closely with the Director, Registrar, Preparators, and Finance and General Operations Manager to maintain and update a training program for gallery assistants that includes input from the gallery assistants as well as a process for evaluating them.\r\n• Serve on appropriate university and community committees to maintain and strengthen the visibility of UB Art Galleries and participate within the academic sector through lectures for classes, studio visits and when appropriate, teaching. \r\n• Actively seek professional development opportunities that will introduce new professional contacts and provide new skills and ideas for improved performance.\r\n• Perform all other duties, as needed, in support of the Director of UB Art Galleries."]

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