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Connections Associate

Buffalo, New York ~ July 02, 2019

["Connections Team duties\r\n\r\n•\tContribute to the Connections Team’s employer and alumni development strategic plan and implementation to enhance networking and employment opportunities for UB students. \r\n•\tEnhance and maintain relationships with existing employer contacts and coordinate on campus recruitment activities\r\n•\tWork in online career and relationship management systems to further strategic development plan\r\n•\tSupport the plan to enhance strategic development of constituencies across campus to further connections opportunities for students\r\n•\tSupervision of student employees\r\n\r\nEmployer and alumni cultivation/mentoring:\r\n\r\n•\tContribute to a new employer development strategy, record keeping and contact tracking designed to strategically cultivate and increase the number of prospective employers recruiting at the institution.\r\n•\tManage a specific market portfolio of prospective employers according to goals in employer development strategy\r\n•\tTravel locally and regionally to interact and cultivate with employers.\r\n•\tStay abreast of new employers and trends within recruitment locally and nationally. \r\n•\tCreate and lead the strategic alumni cultivation and recruitment plan locally, nationally, and internationally in order enhance networking and employment opportunities for UB students. \r\n•\tLead the department’s efforts to enhance and plan all alumni connections events in collaboration with Events Assistant.\r\n•\tAct as the lead liaison with the University's Office of Alumni Engagement.\r\n•\tManages all aspects of online mentoring platform, collaborate with The Technology and Tools team on training and solving technical issues.\r\n•\tPosition the mentoring platform to enhance employer and alumni development to increase the connection opportunities for students.\r\n•\tConverts mentors into external opportunities for students (job shadowing, on campus recruitment, job/internship opportunities, etc.).\r\n•\tCollaborates with data management, marketing and assessment team to create marketing campaigns to increase utilization and identify mentors and students to feature stories of success.\r\n•\tPresents across campus to stakeholders, faculty, liaisons and classes to further the reach and usage of the platform.\r\n•\tRegularly analyze and report on usage data and impact on student success.\r\n", "•\tContribute to the Connections Team to better manage and utilize data to inform decision-making and strategy\r\n•\tPlan and execute all assessment activities related to employer/alumni-student connections in collaboration with the data management, marketing and assessment leader.\r\n•\tCollaborate on employer and alumni communications with departmental assessment, data and marketing staff\r\n", "•\tOther duties as assigned to meet the needs of the department"]

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