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Gift Record & Acknowledgement Specialist

Buffalo, New York ~ September 26, 2019

The position is responsible for producing all of UBF’s daily tax receipts which include: gift receipts, memorial and honor letters, planned giving letters, and year-end tax receipts. The position is also responsible for researching, processing and maintaining pledge and gift batches and associated documents to produce accurate records and timely receipts.
The Gift Record and Acknowledgement Specialist will have a familiarity with IRS and CASE regulations and procedures as they relate to entering and acknowledging charitable donations in a non-profit environment.
Responsibilities for this position include:
• Production of daily receipts for all gifts processed by UBF, including:
o Ensuring all donor information is accurate and correct;
o Determining correct receipt type to produce; and
o Proofreading all receipts to ensure all language is proper and accurate.
• Analyzation and editing of source documents to determine correct information regarding donors and their gifts and pledges, including:
o Entering appropriate data into the Advance database;
o Researching gifts to ensure correct designation;
o Researching biographical and demographic materials as appropriate; and
o Scanning selected gift information into Advance and AccuFund databases.
• Assistance and logging of daily deposits that are received from account holders and donors
• Ability to assist the Revenue Manager in maintaining complete, cohesive and accurate written policies and procedure of the Revenue Processing Department
• Assist the Revenue Manager in periodic reviews of data entry procedures in order to minimize data reporting errors
• Other administrative duties as assigned

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