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Department Manager

Buffalo, New York ~ February 12, 2020

["-\tProvide professional support to the Department Chair: Coordinate/execute day-to-day operations of the department, maintain the Chair’s calendar, complete his/her travel arrangements and reimbursement submissions, and compose new / answer routine correspondence. \r\n-\tAdvise the Chair and provide strategic thinking regarding departmental administration/operations.\r\n-\tServe as a direct supervisor to other staff within the department, as directed by the Chair.\r\n-\tProvide support in financial management: Budgeting, purchasing, and management/reconciliation of the department’s credit card. \r\n-\tCoordinate monthly department meetings and monthly department Executive Committee meetings, including setting the agenda and tracking minutes.\r\n-\tAssist the Chair, Office of Experiential Education, and Director of Global Outreach with creation/management of Memorandums of Understanding and affiliation agreements.\r\n-\tCoordinate annual performance reviews for faculty and staff.\r\nrovide post-award support to faculty, as directed by the Chair. \r\n-\tMaintain the department’s physical and electronic files and manage departmental supplies.\r\n-\tPerform additional office support functions and other duties as assigned, including clerical and general office duties in support of the department (e.g. department phone, mail, etc.).", "-\tManage departmental faculty/staff recruitment: create itineraries, lead on-site visits, coordinate travel, lodging, meals, etc., and facilitate and participate in onboarding upon hire. \r\n-\tCoordinate programs for faculty and visitors to the department, including, as necessary, their travel, meetings, activities, meals, entertainment, and hotel reservations. \r\n-\tCoordinate practice site visits on behalf of the Chair and as indicated, the Director of Experiential Education.\r\n-\tCoordinate the department’s faculty development and mentoring programs.\r\n-\tMaintain a system for tracking faculty workload and productivity, including teaching load, service responsibilities, and records of publications and grant funding. \r\n-\tCoordinate promotion and tenure reviews, including dossier assembly, coordination of committee meetings, and correspondence with internal/external reviewers.\r\n-\tProvide post-award support to faculty, as directed by the Chair.", "-\tProvide administrative support to department-driven community engagement events, including health/wellness clinics, the annual poison prevention event, etc.\r\n-\tProvide on-site support to the Office of Continuing Education for educational programs, as directed by the Chair.\r\n-\tLead event planning for the department, including the department awards ceremony, alumni events at professional meetings, social gatherings to celebrate accomplishments, and department retreats as indicated.\r\n-\tProvide travel support to pharmacy practice faculty, including Concur training/support and completing preliminary travel reviews for the Chair’s approval."]

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