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Associate Director for Assessment and Stategic Initiatives

Buffalo, New York ~ February 12, 2020

["•\tDevelop and update a department comprehensive assessment plan to assist in achieving goals and mission driven decision making. This includes program reviews, benchmarking, student and staff satisfaction and impact of programs, services and facilities.\r\n•\tProvide leadership to develop and increase knowledge of students, the educational environment, and the effectiveness to continuously improve student programs and services through the support of outcomes-based assessment, data-driven decision-making, strategic planning, student-focused research, and professional education.\r\n•\tLead and direct assessment and evaluation including data collection, data management, dissemination, and consultation.\r\n•\tWork with various areas within Campus Living (e.g. Residential Life, Operations, etc.) to gain a comprehensive understanding of their data infrastructure. Develop recommendations to improve this infrastructure to ensure that Campus Living data can be leveraged for broader initiatives.\r\n•\tMentor and guide staff as they develop their assessment and evaluation skills with particular focus on the development of measurable program goals and learning outcomes, and selecting appropriate assessment strategies.\r\n•\tUse established principles of measurement theory to develop rigorous, valid, and reliable instruments that assess student learning, satisfaction, or evaluation of programs and services with consideration of psychometric characteristics, qualitative/quantitative analysis, and human research integrity.\r\n•\tLead and direct design, implementation, interpretation, and evaluation of research projects, including but not limited to: learning and operational outcomes, student retention and success measures, program evaluation, satisfaction and benchmarking, cultural/climate studies, participation in national assessments/surveys, program review and accreditation support, research being conducted by individuals and work groups within the department, and project specific assessments related to strategic priorities;\r\n•\tEffectively lead planning discussions and facilitate group processes around assessment, strategic planning, and strategic projects.\r\n•\tUtilize analytic software, technology, and data visualization tools to distill data into formats that support data-driven decisions.\r\n•\tDisseminate information of assessment findings to stakeholders and facilitate the use of assessment findings for continuous improvement.\r\n•\tPrepare reports as needed for stakeholders.\r\n•\tIdentify assessment opportunities for the year and conduct appropriate assessment measures that will complete the cycle and inform departmental decision-making.\r\n•\tDetermine the professional development needs of staff around assessment, evaluation, and research and plan training programs as appropriate for continuous staff improvement. \r\n•\tCultivate partnerships with the Office of Institutional Analysis to assure efforts are in line with current best practices. Build collaborative relationships with the division and across campus partners to leverage data, data analytics, and information sharing to inform day to day operations, implementation and strategic planning.\r\n•\tWork closely with and periodically assist divisional assessment staff with assessment efforts\r\n•\tProvide monthly updates on overall assessment progress at the departmental and leadership team meetings as requested.\r\n•\tLead assessment efforts for staff training needs and job satisfaction\r\n•\tUse institutional metrics such as GPAs, NSSE and Skyfactor results as well as internal data gathering to measure student learning and development in department sponsored events. \r\n•\tChair a departmental assessment committee.\r\n•\tServe on the Student Life Assessment Council.", "•\tPerform statistical analysis.\r\n•\tCreate effective data summaries, including narrative, tabular, and graphical forms.\r\n•\tCommunicate information to stakeholders using a combination of tools including, but not limited to: SPSS, Excel, Tableau, Word, and SQL.\r\n•\tAssist with queries, analysis, and implementation of other Division of Student Life assessment efforts as needed.\r\n•\tAnalyze, interpret, and disseminate available data form professional literature, national data banks, institutional research data, and other student-related studies specific to new initiatives and key strategic projects. \r\n•\tUse existing data sets that predict future outcomes and trends related to students and the programs and services provided by the department.", "•\tSupport strategic planning and projects including consultation, management, tracking and reporting. Prepare reports about assessment activities including the contributions of Campus Living towards student learning, development and retention in housing as well as university enrollment.\r\n•\tAssist in the development and support of strategic initiatives and objectives as well as innovative plans for co-curricular and curricular assessment.\r\n•\tInitiate, supervise, and perform research and policy analysis relevant to planning, policy and program development, program evaluation, and decision-making. \r\n•\tCoordinate departmental strategic integration with Division of Student Life goals.", "•\tMonitor budget responsibilities within the position. Determine financial resources needed to implement yearly assessment projects;\r\n•\tCreate and maintain data tables from a variety of sources, including the university data warehouse and data systems, survey results and completed assessment reports. \r\n•\tServe on the department’s leadership team.\r\n•\tAttend staff meetings and other meetings as scheduled. \r\n•\tServe on committees in the department, the Division of Student Life, and the University as appropriate.\r\n•\tSupport divisional assessment efforts as assigned."]

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