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Assistant Coach, Volleyball

Buffalo, New York ~ January 10, 2022

Program Management Assistance: To assist the Head Volleyball Coach in the operation of a successful Division I Program within the established guidelines of the University, Conference and NCAA. 
•Assist head coach with all assigned tasks and team responsibilities such as, but not limited to, teaching and instruction, practice planning, scouting, recruiting, player development, equipment management, academic support, travel coordination, rules compliance, community service and engagement, and technology management. 
•Ensure that you set and meet goals and objectives consistently. 
•Demonstrate accuracy and thoroughness in performing tasks and display good organizational skills. 
•Demonstrate that you work to improve your own weaknesses and limitations. 
•Engage in activities that promote your professional growth and professional development. 
•Other duties as assigned. 
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Leadership: Assist the head coach in providing vision, direction, standards, and accountability to the program. 
•Represent the University and the Division in an honest and ethical manner. 
•Develop good team spirit and morale within your team. 
•Serve as a positive role model and present a positive public image to student-athletes and the University Community. 
•Take responsibility for the discipline, conduct, and image of the members of the team. 
•Take part in the development and review with team members, a clear and concise policy as related to team rules in accordance with University, Divisional, Conference and NCAA policies. 
•Ensure that the Head Coach is aware of all situations that warrant disciplinary actions or might negatively impact the academic or athletic performance of the student-athlete 
•Ensure student-athletes exhibit good behavior during competitions and outside competitions. 
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Academic Development: Assist the head coach in fostering an environment conducive to the academic development and success of student-athletes. 
•Actively participate in the academic development/success and personal growth of the student-athletes in your program. 
•Actively communicate with and support your student-athletes in their efforts to meet continuing eligibility requirements. 
•[List additional academic responsibilities as designated by the head coach] 
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Recruiting/Retention: Assist the head coach in recruiting and retaining student-athletes capable of academic and athletics success at the University at Buffalo. 
•Employ ethical principles when recruiting. 
•Utilize DOA recruiting software. 
•Ensure that retaining student-athletes is a top priority of program. 
•Understand the academic background, strengths, and weaknesses of your respective student-athletes and work to identify and provide adequate support to ensure success. 
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Student-Athlete Development: Assist the head coach in providing an environment that supports the physical, mental, and emotional growth of student-athletes across their academic, athletic, and personal realms. 
•Create and maintain an environment that emphasizes the importance of the student-athlete experience. 
•Encourage student-athletes to maintain good practices in areas of training, nutrition, and rest. 
•Ensure that your actions reflect concern for your student-athletes safety at all times. 
•Maintain annual CPR and AED certifications. 
•Maintains a valid NYS driver’s license and attend the vehicle safety-training course every three years. 
•Maintain an active role in supporting community services initiatives and CHAMPS/Life Skills activities. 
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Compliance: Operate program in accordance with all applicable Department, University, State, Federal, Conference, and NCAA policies. 
•Ensure that you demonstrate the appropriate knowledge and understanding of NCAA rules and regulations. 
•Comply with all applicable Federal, State, University, Departmental, Conference, and NCAA rules and regulations. 
•Complete all necessary or required NCAA/University documents accurately and in a timely manner. 
•Attend Compliance related meetings as requested. 
•Ensure that you stay alert to any potential problems or violations and demonstrate initiative to prevent violations in your program. 
•Continually promote an atmosphere of compliance within the program. 
•Immediately notify Compliance office staff of any and all violations or infractions that occur within the program or are brought to the attention of the Assistant Coach. 
", "
Coaching Skills/Success: Assist head coach in providing expert instruction resulting in student-athlete development and competitive success. 
•Carry out the mission and vision of the Division and contribute to the pursuit of the Reese or Jacoby Cup, a symbol of overall athletic supremacy in the Mid-American Conference. 
•Recruit, develop and coach student-athletes with a focus on winning Conference Championships. 
•Display expert knowledge and technical skill and stay informed of modern coaching trends, techniques and strategies. 
•Exercise appropriate behavior at all events and practices. 
•Demonstrate that you work well with your head coach, coaching staff as well as the other divisional athletic personnel. 
•Ensure that your student-athletes continue to show continued progress in terms of their competitive performance. 
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Business Operations: Assist head coach in effectively managing the program within your approved budget and maintaining fiscal responsibility throughout the year. 
•Adhere to the Division, University & SUNY guidelines and procedures as they relate to budget, travel, revenue, procurement, camps and HR items. 
•Submit your time and attendance sheets on a monthly basis. Make requests for the use of vacation time in advance to your immediate supervisor. 
", "
Communication: Professionally convey necessary information to relevant stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner. 
•Communicate effectively with head coach, other assistant coaches, administration and support staff. 
•Communicate effectively with student athletes. 
•Respond in a timely manner to student-athletes inquiries. 
•Respond in a timely manner to all required paperwork. A prompt response is defined as within 24 hours for a voicemail or email. 
", "
Public Relations and Development: Positively represent program, department, and University in public settings as required. 
•Develop and maintain a good working relationship with all internal and external constituencies. 
•In conjunction with head coach, Cultivate and maintain positive relationships with alumni, donors, fans, and community members. 
•Promote your sport within the community and state through public speaking engagements and appearances. 
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Functional Relationships 
•There are many units and offices within the Division of Athletics that function to assist, promote, or support the various athletic teams. As such, it is important and expected that the Volleyball program will work cooperatively with all of them and that the coaches and players will take an active role in demonstrating visible support for other intercollegiate teams within the Division of Athletics. 
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Evaluation Criteria 
•Performance will be measured through a variety of both quantitative and qualitative measures including, but not limited to, interaction with and support provided to head coach, overall experience provided to student-athletes, academic performance and graduation of student-athletes, athletic performance of student-athletes, student recruitment and retention, community engagement, program growth and development, rules compliance, attitude, ability to work with others throughout the department, and staff supervision. 

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