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Manage Workplace Stress: Improve Working Relationships

Since we spend so much of our time at work, it is critical to develop effective working relationships. Positive relationships with co-workers help ease the stress.

Did you know: A recent Real Age tip of the day showcased the importance of positive relationship with co-workers. Their study indicated, people who experienced social support from co-workers or supervisors tended to have lower blood pressure readings, especially during stressful work situations.

Our Recent QuickPoll Results reveal coworkers, clients and supervisors are contributing to workplace stress...See results and comments below:

We asked: Is work stressing you out?

Yes: 83%

No: 17%

What is your biggest work-related stress?

Ranked in order

  1. Overwhelming workload
  2. Difficult co-workers
  3. Difficult clients
  4. Difficult manager
  5. Inflexible hours
  6. Fear losing your job
  7. Too much travel

Other - Please List:

  • Unprofessional environment
  • Co-workers who do not carry their own weight
  • Too much data to deal with all the time; organizing & responding to emails, calls, etc.
  • Constantly busy schedules, too many unnecessary meetings, calls emails & conferences.
  • People. I just want a span of time to do my work. I have to go to so many meetings, take so many calls, multi-tasking myself to death. I no longer have time to think things through---I need a break!
  • Other people not pulling their weight
  • A boss that doesn't understand family obligations
  • Ineffective & incompetent co-workers
  • Clients who have unrealistic expectations
  • Bored, mind numbing work - not challenged

What creates the most job stress for you? Explain:

  • My co-workers are stressing me out. A co-worker recently took my research and used it to write his marketing plan. They were my ideas and he didn't even give me any credit or acknowledgment.
  • Not having the time to be able to finish what I've started.
  • My workplace is difficult. Clients that have unrealistic expectations, co-workers who are overworked and want to pass the buck. I have a great boss, but just have too much to do.
  • People. Maybe I'm in the wrong job. I used to work at a place where co-workers were nice to one another. We had coffee together, or had lunch. Now, I work at a place where there is no rapport, people aren't considerate...There are mornings when no one even says "Good Morning".

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