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Tailor Your Resume for Each Job

Don't take a one-size-fits-all approach with your resume or cover letter. Employers can receive hundreds of resumes for a single job opening. Don't get passed over by submitting a generic, lack-luster resume.

Invest the time to research what the employer is looking for in an applicant. Make sure you showcase why your skills and experience make you the best match for the job. Be as specific as possible. Map your past experience to the specific job requirements and use key words and phrases from the job description. But don't just stop there. Get to know the culture and corporate values and highlight how you are a good fit. For example, if the organization values teamwork and collaboration make sure you include examples from your work history that illustrate these traits. Remember to include relevant or exceptional leadership roles, committee assignments, fundraising, or community involvement activities.

Quantify and qualify your experience. Using numbers to describe your achievements and responsibilities can make a lasting impression. For example, when describing management experience, include the number of direct reports, annual sales growth or other examples to illustrate your accomplishments and how goals were met.

Remember, employers aren't looking for ordinary people to do general jobs. They want dynamic leaders that bring specific skills and attributes to their teams. Taking the time to create a targeted and polished resume can make all the difference in your job search. Think of your resume as a marketing tool - a way to get noticed and give prospective employers plenty of reasons to invite you for an interview.

Additional resources to enhance your job search can be found at CareerWomen.com, DiversitySearch.com, MBACareers.com and/or CareerExposure.com.

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