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Transferable Skills

Are you looking for a new job and have to change industries?

It will be very important to identify what transferable skills you have and how you will use your past experiences to succeed in a new industry.

What skill sets can you highlight? It's an online world and we all use Internet, email, text and social sites to communicate and get work done. What communication skills do you excel at? Do you have skills managing, negotiating, problem solving, meeting deadlines, building and/or working within teams? What computer skills &/or software experience do you have? What Accounting Skills, Software, coding or programming skills? Do you have marketing expertise? Maybe you are an SEO expert, or know how to build online communities. And when it comes to manufacturing, what kind of transferable machinery skills do you have that can move to a new industry? It's essential to evaluate your skills - and identify your transferable skill set - before beginning any job search.

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