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Treat the Job Hunt Like...a Job!

That's right. To find the right position with the right company, you have to get organized, plan and execute. Effective job hunting requires the same amount of attention and diligence as any position you will retain. Some tools you might consider using:

Get a Dedicated Card File!

Be sure to get business cards from your references, people you meet at networking events, and representatives that interview you. Keep those cards in a separate filing system for easy access. Instead of a desktop Rolodex, consider using a binder with business card sheet protectors or a specially designed file book so that you can carry your contacts' information with you to interviews, just in case!

Get a Dedicated Calendar!

Buy a daily calendar/planner at your local stationery store. Each day, write down what jobs you applied to. Count a few days out from each application, and assign yourself the task to follow up with the company. Immediately write down the contact information and a name, if available - this will stop you from stalling when it's time to call or email.

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