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Tuesday Morning Is Most Productive For US Workers

CareerWomen.com Gathers Tips for Increasing Workplace Productivity

CareerWomen.com recently polled viewers and found that Tuesdays between 10 am and noon is considered to be the height of productivity.

"All of us have our best days and times, but the results clearly show that the majority of the workforce has a sound understanding of when they feel at the top of their game in terms of productivity," commented JillXan Donnelly President of CareerWomen.com. "Identifying what makes us all more productive will help both employers and employees better prepare and organize to increase efficiencies and effectiveness in the workplace."

Respondents were asked to share their insights on increasing productivity and in partnership with CareerWomen.com, offer these tips:

  1. Create and use lists: Using lists and checking things off is a great way to stay organized and focused. In addition, the act of drawing a line through an action item gives workers a boost of energy from the accomplishment.
  2. Be an early bird: Getting into the office before everyone else can give you the needed jump-start in your day. Avoiding the noise and distractions from co-workers will give you the extra hours of focus to get the job done.
  3. Avoid the email addiction: The "ding" of an incoming email is a big temptation to interrupt what you are doing to check messages. Set times during the day to check and respond to your messages to stay on task.
  4. Socialize during lunch, not during the day: Chatting at the coffee pot about the latest episode of The Apprentice is certainly a treat, but socializing during work hours puts a huge strain on productivity. Use your lunch hour to connect with co-workers and avoid the temptation during the day.
  5. Stop when you hit a wall: If your energy starts to fall and you feel unproductive, take a short break. Grab a coffee, a glass or water, stretch your legs and return to the task. This "breather" may be just the trick to get you back on track.


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