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Women Should Seek Not One, But Two Mentors...One from Venus And The Other From Mars

CareerWomen.com released a survey which found that 62% of women now have a formal or informal mentor in the workplace. Of these mentors, 64% were male and 36% were female. As with Venus and Mars, however, the support they provide is very different. Male mentors help women by providing general business training, leadership opportunities, coaching feedback and advice on networking and career advancement. Women mentors help other women by providing informal fellowship, guidance within the corporation, motivation, encouragement, and strategies for career success, work/life balance, job sharing, maternity leave and counteracting gender bias. All of which is to say that, as with the solar system, it's best to have both. In other words, women should seek not one, but two mentors...one from Mars and the other from Venus.

Source: Weddle's

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